Disable the native speech to text(microphone icon)

i have ionic4 APP with some form with ion-text-area element and when the keyboard is opened the microphone icon (“speech to text”) has appears

i want to disable it from the APP.

there is a way (api/configuration) to get rid or disable the native “speech to text” (microphone icon) in the native keyboard?

the icon appears on ios and android

<ion-textarea rows="1" auto-grow type="email" placeholder="Your Message" wrap="soft"</ion-textarea>


Can you explain why you want to do this? Many users benefit greatly from features like speech-to-text, and things are bad enough with apps (and websites) that inhibit accessibility simply out of ignorance or laziness that it seems wantonly cruel to me to try to do so deliberately.

the reason is because i want to add own “speech to text” feature to my App and own mic-icon for start/stop the recording.
staying with the 2 buttons will be very confusing to users,
i want the users use only with my button.

do you have any idea how can i do that?

IMHO, equally confusing to users will be having one app upend the UI they rely on in order to try to reinvent the wheel. Good luck with your efforts.