Directing click on grid column to checkbox within column

I have a long list (ion-items – over 100) in which within each row there is a column (class=“col”) containing a check box. There are columns in the row containing other information

Clicking on the check box on iOS requires the user to click very accurately – directly on the check box. It’s very easy to click next the check box, still in the column, and thus not toggle it. I’d like to make the entire table column (class=“col”) a receiver for the ng-click and then direct that click event to the contained check box. I’ve tried various recipes. I’ve tried various recipes such as attaching an ng-click to the table column. The result is that the click goes only to the table column even if the click is over the check box. Basically I want click delegation to the checkbox if the user clicks anywhere in the containing column.

Does someone have a recipe for this?

One other thing. Using a raw input element produces a tiny checkbox. Using an ion checkbox or a “checkbox” on surrounding the input produces a large version of the check box icon on iOS. Is there someway to use the stylized checkbox at a smaller size?