Diligent install FAILS constantly


I am extremely careful to follow the instructions but am going slowly insane… I am seeing that everyone that tries to install ionic has problems - so I am hoping that this is just a bad documentation problem and hope that someone will direct me to the secret documentation that works…

Following the instruction on a freshly installed windows 7 (fully patched) from ;


the documentation explicitly contains links to the sw and directions instructing to instal the latest version.

  1. Git for windows (2.11.0-64.exe)
  2. Node.js (node-v6.9.4-x64.exe)
  3. npm install -g cordova (cordova -v = 6.4.0)
  4. Java JDK ( jdk-8u112-window-x64.exe)
  5. ANt (1.10.0)
  6. ANdroid SDK (ANdroid Studio 2.2.3)
  7. add HOMEs and dirs to PATH
  8. npm install -g ionic (ionic -v = 2.1.8)
    ** WA|RNIN|G in ionic -v
    ** Dependancy warning for the CLI to run correctly
    ** please install cordova cli to version >=4.2.0
    NOTE !!! what!!! - but cordova is 6.4.0 !!!
  9. ionic start tabs tabs

$ ionic start tabs tabs

Dependency warning - for the CLI to run correctly,
it is highly recommended to install/upgrade the following:

Please install your Cordova CLI to version >=4.2.0 npm install -g cordova

Creating an Ionic app in D:\temp\tabs based on the tabs template.

Downloading: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-app-base/archive/master.zip
Downloading: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-starter-tabs/archive/master.zip
Installing npm packages (may take a minute or two)…
Error with start undefined
Error Initializing app: There was an error with the spawned command: npminstall
There was an error with the spawned command: npminstall

Now it would be fantastic of someone had a document that (even high level) had the instructions on how to install.

What I cant understand is why this would not work on a fresh clean install of the OS - so it would be great if we can get a big red disclaimer on the installation page that the instructions are not working


Hey Thompsk, Hopefully I can help out. Could you provide me with the output of when you execute ionic info from the command line? Thanks!


jthoms1 - thanks for getting back - after staying up for the last 35 hours and doing multiple instals in slightly different ways with different versions I tracked this back to MSE which we had put on the base windows 7 OS in the VM. The realtime protection that SHOULD alert or at least log its actions has decided that its best just blocking ionic and keeping silent about it. Another lovely peice of s/w by MS - thank you Bill ! - Not sure about other AV though.