Digits Integration

Me and my friend are building an app with Ionic 2 and we need to validate the user phone number ( not exactly a login). We found out about Digits and we are trying to use it, but the problem is that all examples on the internet are for either ionic 1 or for a web based approach. We are having a really hard time with this one. Does anyone have a solution? We cant afford twilio.


simply googling for phone number validation api:


if you want only check if it has a correct format/structure --> google for regex phone number.

Thanks bengtler, but we want to make sure that the phone number that the user inserted really belongs to him ( pretty much like a sms validator). We thought that Digits could offer that free for us, since almost all sms verification systems are paid.

You are talking about https://get.digits.com/, right?

There are multiple Cordova plugins for that:

we are trying these both plugins, but they are not working right now. We are not sure if it is because we are not setting things up the right way or if it is because we are using Ionic 2.

Thanks guys, got it working. The problem was the platform, it only works for android or ios. It will not work for browser platform.