Differentials Not Working


We’ve built and submitted the latest version of our App to the stores with App Flow installed.

The pro-manifest file has been created and is sitting in the www folder.

The code on the latest commit in Ionic is identical to the code submitted to the store.

I download the App, and the download begins although it shouldn’t as the code is the same.

It also appears to be doing a full downloads, I see in the console, log after log, showing downloading file 1 of 89, 2 of 89 etc. Download time is varying between 20 - 60+ seconds. Initial feedback from users is that even at the 20 second mark, they are moving on.

Any idea where we are going wrong here?


Hi @JustinMaysMFA, while you’re waiting for a response on this make sure to contact support, it’s the best way we can help you for Appflow: ionicframework.com/support.

Unfortunately, given it’s the weekend, I’m not able to get you an answer on this one but hoping someone in the community has something to add in the meantime.

Thanks @max, appreciate the reply!