Different ion-side-menu for different button/link

Hey, I want to show different ion-side-menu for different button and show them from side=“right”. Something like OpenStreetMap.org side menus. So for example when I click layer button it shows the sidemenu for layer and when I click Mapkey button it shows side menu for Map key. I didn’t find any sample to get an idea how to implement it. I used code below to show two button.
<li> <a href="#" menu-toggle="right" class="lc" title="Locate" > <i class="ion-android-locate"></i></a> </li> <li> <a href="#" menu-toggle="right" class="rp" title="Report!"> <i class="ion-android-walk"></i></a></li> <li>
How can I put different side menus for each button/link?!