Different HomePage for different User login

Hi All,

I have a project which needs different Home page for different user type. For example User Type 1 will have home page 1 and other view pages and User Type 2 will have home page 2 and other view pages and tabs. There should be a common login screen where user can choose to be User type 1 or 2. Accordingly the next screen should come up and showcase relevant details as required by user types.

I am also looking for a way in which User Types should be able to chat with each other. User type 1 should be able to send update of specific items to User type 2. Additionally the user types should be able to chat if confirmed from both users.

Any link, guide, or coding shall be of great help.

Forum threads tend to go better where there is a relatively small and concrete problem to be addressed.

Thanks!:grin:Shall try again