Different Content for popover


After having successfully styled the appearance of the ionic popover I’m stuck with trying to add a second popover to my page. Is there anyone who did this already? I really don’t get a grip on that popover stuff.


I have a page with 7 popovers.
Number 2 to 7 are copies from number 1 with another name and content.

What are your problems exactly?



I’m using the code provided by the documentation (popover documentation). For a second popover I just copied the
<script id="my-popover.html" type="text/ng-template">...</script>
and changed the id.
The first popover can be opened with ng-click="openPopover($event)".

But where do I pass the id for my second popover? The id is specified
in the
and not in the openPopover function. I tried to change the script in several ways, but they seemed very complicated and didn’t worked (don’t know if I just oversaw a little error or misunderstood some basics). I’m sure there must be an easy way to get this working, but I just don’t see it. :-/