Different behaviour on different iOS simulators

Ionic is amazing.

I’m just starting to get the hang of it. However, I’m having trouble understanding the cause of this problem.

I started developing using the default simulator (iPhone 6) because I did not know about the “–target” option, everything is going smoothly.
When, I switched to --target=“iPhone5”, the data from the factory somehow vanishes. It just does not appear.

I tried every other target available, same result. However, the default target (iPhone 6) shows the data. I’ve also tried to run the xCode project and the data did not show on every simulator (even iPhone 6). However, it shows in the “iPhone 6” simulator when I run “ionic emulate ios” from the terminal.

Do I have to do something else before I change the target?

For a mysterious reason. It now works. The data is loading on different simulators & my iPhone 5