Differences between overflow scrolling and JavaScript scrolling?

Are the practical differences between overflow-scroll (on ion-content) and the JavaScript scrolling documented somewhere?

Some differences I’ve found on iOS:

  1. JS scrolling doesn’t work on embedded iframes, while overflow scrolling does.
  2. WIth overflow scrolling, when tapping an item (e.g. a button) while scrolling, the event and highlighting (active state) may be registered on the wrong item.
  3. The behaviour when the keyboard opens may be different.
  4. Overflow scrolling is more affected by Safari bugs, e.g. scrolling in the wrong direction or hanging in some edge cases.

The js scrolling is a way for use to capture scroll events and attach features like infinite-scroll, PTR, zooming, etc.

As far as dealing with embedded iframes, it’s always a best practice to avoid it. Instead opt for using cordova’s in-app-browser.

Registering touches on scrolling is resolved using js-scrolling.

Generally, it’s best to use the js-scrolling.