Differences between GENERATE ELEMENTS: component, directive, page, provider?

Could someone explain the differences between these types of components? I use them often but I’ve never really gotten to use them for what they are thought of (or so I think).
Where can I find documentation on this or a brief explanation? Thank you

If you’re referring to the “ionic generate” options, FWIW my advice is to forget that that command exists.

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Yes i’m talking about that command,
I have never known very well that towards each of these components

Do you say that because you find it a better option to buiild those items from the ground up?

I usually create my own ts, but my doubt was about what do each of that components, but i’m newbie on Ionic and my practices are not the better at all.

Sorry for my english

Yes, I can’t disagree with that way of putting it. I have found that in general it is more work to modify what the generators create than to build things from scratch.