Difference in behaviour between phonegap build service and ionic build


So this is as much an ionic question as it is a phonegap build question.
I have an app that has a an input field in a footer.
When you put focus in the input field the keyboard shows and the input field moves on top of the keyboard.

Should be standard behaviour.
Now the problem is that when I deploy and run locally with ‘ionic run android’ or ‘ionic build android’ it works as intended.
But when i build my app with the phonegap build service this does not work.
The input field stays ‘hidden’ underneath the keyboard.

I checked if i added the ionic-plugin-keyboard to the config.xml and it is included.
Phonegap build also shows it in it’s plugin list.
Both versions are the same (1.2.1) and i’m using the same cordova version on both (5.4.1).

Does anyone have a clue about the difference in the build between the phonegap build service and the local ionic build?
(I even decompiled both apk’s to see if i could find the difference that’s causing this, but no luck).


So a bit more information.
This behaviour doesn’t seem to be tight to the ionic-plugin-keyboard.
I’ve got a similar issue with the inAppBrowser plugin.
The controls of the opened browser seem ‘stretched’ when I use the build from the adobe build service, but they seem fine when I use the build from my local computer.

Definitely something weird going on with the build service.
wish i knew what it was.