Difference between tab bar example and starter app?

In the documentation, tab bars are shown using classes on divs. But, in the starter app with the “Pets” listing, the tabs have this mark-up.

  <tabs tabs-style="tabs-icon-only" tabs-type="tabs-positive" animate-nav="false">

    <!-- Pets tab -->
    <tab title="Inbox" icon="icon ion-android-inbox" ng-controller="SnappyTabCtrl">

I’m pretty new to both Angular and Ionic so I’m sure this is a newbie question, but why the difference?

The starter app uses ionics own custom directives so you can add functionality to it. If you just want the css styles, you can use the lower-level mark ups (divs & suchs). This is my understanding of it.

Gotcha. Thanks for the reply.

Hey @taylorotwell, sorry for the confusion, we are going to be fixing the docs soon. @mhartington is correct, that’s only for the raw CSS. In practice you’ll want to use the tabs directives.