Detect if swipe back on page was canceled

Hey everyone! I have found an issue and I can’t find any info about it.

I have an Ionic 3 app. On iOS, when I start swiping back to pop the page, the previous page’s ionViewWillEnter function is triggered. But if I cancel the swipe back before it’s completed (so the current page remains), the methods ionViewWillEnter and ionViewDidEnter for the current page are not triggered.

The problem I have is that every page changes the color of the tabs on ionViewWillEnter. So swiping back and then canceling that, I have the tab color of the previous page for the current page that I didn’t finish swiping back on.

A bit tricky to explain - hopefully I have nailed it. If anyone has some thoughts on how to work around this I would appreciate it!


did you solved it? I have a similar problem