Detail View not working in iOS9

Hey every one,

We are using AngularJs StatePararm routing in our app. We have many pages with view and detail view. I am unable to go to detail view in iOS9. Is there any change required for iOS9. We have StateParam like below:-

To go detail page We use:-

Have you checked the following blog post (and included patch) ?

Hope this helps.

I have the same problem. The patch is working but not for detail views like;

.state('tabs.friends-frienddetail', {
              url: '/friends/:friendid',
                        views: {
                            'tab-friends': {
                                templateUrl: 'templates/tabs/friend-bucketlist.html',
                                controller: 'friendbucketlist',
				resolve: {
                                    Friend: function($stateParams, FriendData) {
                                        id = $stateParams.friendid;
                                        return FriendeData.getFriend(id);

Found my problem. I use Firebase Util plugin to make sql-like queries based on the id within my Firebase database. This doesn’t seem to work in iOS9. So I have to rewrite the parts that use Firebase Util :smile: