Detail List Item Animation

I build a directive to show details information from a List Items:


I hope to like to you.!

You can find it here:


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Making a change, adding a fab close button.

Looking nice. Certainly useful for some situations. I am curious as to how well it performs on android devices, especially those that are not the latest as I understand there are issues with css animations and frame rates based on what I’ve read on the forums.

Already trying to think of ways to use this :slight_smile: Once you polish it up, maybe even put it up in the market place :wink:

I have an old device (HTC Desire X) with Android 4.1.1 and it performs nice.!! I’ll follow your advice to put it up in the market place.

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Playing with ionic List - Α small change


Good Day sir… how do I dynamically assign the controller and template ? :smile: