Deploying to iPhone 6



I have an app that I have had no issue deploying to an iPhone 5 but now i cannot seem to have it deploy to my new iPhone 6 or iPad. I get the following issue…

Process 421 stopped
* thread #1: tid = 0x19cb2, 0x249aee8c CoreFoundation`__CFTypeCollectionRetain + 104, queue = '', stop reason = EXC_BREAKPOINT (code=EXC_ARM_BREAKPOINT, subcode=0xdefe)
    frame #0: 0x249aee8c CoreFoundation`__CFTypeCollectionRetain + 104
->  0x249aee8c <+104>: trap   
    0x249aee8e <+106>: nop    

    0x249aee90 <+0>:   cmp    r1, #0x0
    0x249aee92 <+2>:   itt    ne

I have no idea what it means or what i am doing wrong. The wierdest thing is though that it deploys perfectly fine to the emulator with no settings changed.

Any ideas on what i can change?



If it helps, i just worked out what the project is being generated with platform target 6.0. Is that correct? i feel like it should be higher than that



So i managed to solve my problem…for the most part.

Basically I decided to take the approach of starting again. So what i did was created a new project using the blank template. I then deleted everything in the WWW except the lib folder which i named to lib2. I then copied everything from my old projects WWW folder. I then copied everything inside of lib2 and pasted it into lib over-writing it and deleted lib2

The project now works fine and deploys

On a final note, i did try upgrading cordova and ionic and also ionic in the project. All of these didnt change the error.

Anyway, although it’s unlikely to happen to someone else hopefully this will help someone if they run into something similiar!