Deploying to app server


I’ve been testing my application in my desktop browser using ionic serve and I have also been able to test out an .apk on a device. However, the application is read to be deployed to a UAT server, and our existing infrastructure deploys apps via WAR files. Is there any way I can set up my project to utilize a WAR file and config files as with a traditional web application?


Android applications are not packaged out as WAR, .apk is used by the Android system to run your application.

The deployment server you are utilising, is it so you can access the application via a web browser?


I’m aware of that. I tried converting the project to a Maven project in Eclipse, but it doesn’t appear to be successful.

And yes, we would like to access the app via a web browser (we are aware we can already do using ionic serve) but we want to deploy it to this particular server because it is protected by our authentication system and thus allows us to access the data services that the app will use when moved to production.


The problem you are going to have is you cannot access Cordova plugins and if it’s web based you can deploy the www directory.

Alternatively you might be better using an over the air deployment system such as