Deploying Ionic v1 as web app - problems

We are trying to move the ionic 1 to the web, because we build this app before we knew that we are building the web version. So far, we have successfully use node to run the app without the Cordova plugins of course. However, there is one issue that we have yet to be able to solve. The web version of our app consists of two set of components. One is side menu which is not included in the app version, and the actual area to use the web app. Also, there is blank area beside this two-main area.

The problem that we encounter is that both the sidebar and the web app part can be scrolled, but they are scrolled separately, also if you have on-wheel event on the blank/empty area, neither of the two parts will scroll which makes sense. But this is not a good way of using the web app. Could you guys provide any idea or thoughts on this?

I have spent quite some time on looking at how the ionic 1 is performing the scroll action, I see that they use transform: translate3d(x,y,z) method to perform the scrolling. However, the problem is that I don’t know how ionic know what is the maximum number for the y-axis which is the amount of room for scrolling.

Can you provide a screenshot or mockup of how the app looks on mobile and and web? I have a hard time visualizing what you describe.