Deploying an Ionic Vue app to Android App Store

Have gotten to the point where I’m trying to create the actual android apk.
Getting an error message
“Sorry! ionic link can only be run in an Ionic project directory.”
Im guessing because I dont have an ionic config.xml file or whatever in my directory? Where do I go from here!? Is it actually possible to create an android app with Ionic Vue!?

you can also just look at the source code in this project

Thanks. Does that cover getting it to the app store though? I am already able to deploy a test version of the app to my android device to test via the android studio + capacitor. But Im just lacking that final step of getting it into the app store…

Tried running “ionic cordova build android --prod --release” to create the apk but am getting that above error.
probably because I dont have the config.xml or whatever it is you need that you usually get when you create a regular non-Vue Ionic project.

have you tried this -

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thanks so much for this, Aaron. Looks to be what I’m after. I will give it a go and let you know how I get on!!

Hi @funzeye
I can help you to deploying application to app store
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Thank you

This did the trick. Have the signed APK created. Having issues publishing the APK for closed testing but I have it created and uploaded to google dev console so nearly there.