Deploy an app without going through the app store

does anyone have already this ionic deploy?

can i have tutorial for this guys?
i cannot get it.
tnx in advance guy. :slight_smile:

What exactly do you need? The docs article includes everything you need to implement this.

i am developing my app for my i will update my app every week so i can insert or create another sermons every i want to update my app without gping though in play store.

This sound more like a “dynamic content” or “get content from server” problem. (Facebook doesn’t have to put new app versions out there for every feed update you get…)

You can build this using a hosted database like Firebase or Ionic DB, yourself by putting a database on your server and then building a small API that serves that content to your app, or even use an exisiting CMS like Wordpress that can be integrated with Ionic (google for plugins that combine the two).

This will save you a lot of trouble.

i already try to put database in my app.but when i add data in my database all my data mix in one i will try deploy incase it will new in ionic 2 sir.

Yes, that’s is what I am saying. You don’t necessarily need a database with the content IN your app, but you can load it from the internet once or even every time. Does the content have to be available offline, without internet connection?

but the problem sir i dont know how to use and implement the deploy.i use already push notification.can u teach m sir or any suggestion?

My suggestion is to think if you really need Ionic Deploy. I don’t think so. Your problem is a different one that needs a different solution.

Does the content have to be available offline, without internet connection?

yes plan is they can still use the app without internet they can read or review the sermons.

I think you should go with one of these:

tnx sir.i will try these. :slight_smile:

sir can i ask one question?if i add new page or sermons in my app firebase can add my data and update my app without play store?

Yes. This is a remote database. Your app will download the current content when it starts.

sir do you have tutorial for firebase?i cannot to create remote database.tnx in advnce sir.

Google for “ionic 2 firebase database” - for me the first 5 results look like perfect answers to you question.