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Hi there! I’m new to Ionic but not to angular and I found myself in a weird scenario when starting my first app with ionic I must admit I didn’t get too far since this one problem is not allowing me to continue and this is how it goes…

I have a template that when I look at the network tab it has all the content, html, that I’ve wrote but once is shown in the screen only four of the nine divs I have inside the “ion-view” -> “ion-content” elements, I thought I could have some missing closing tag or poorly written html but I already tested my html on a pure angular app and it works fine, any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance!


you can put your code in codepen and post the link :smile:


Are the 4 divs longer than the screen on device - i.e. do you need to scroll because the first 4 are filling the screen? If so, CAN you actually scroll down to see them?

Next - Are the contents the result of an ng-repeat? If so, does that data come asynchronously?

If the data comes in async, then you might need to update the scroll area to reflect the new data and size needed.

$ionicScrollDelegate.resize() might do the trick.

A bit of code or a screen shot could help .


Nevermind it was a real dumb thing one of those you could easily spot if you had more sleep hours… I had a self closing textarea tag like this: this worked fine on some scenarios but not as a template in ionic, so I just put the closing tag as it should always been and bam! everything works!
Thanks for your time!!! I wont promess to sleep more although I would like to!