Delete Label underline

So my problem is that under my label i have an underline that i want to delete. i added no-lines to my ion-label but it’s seems to not working.

Is there a way to delete it ?

    <ion-item class="checkbox" >
      <ion-checkbox class="checkbox-square" (ionChange)="changeEvent($event)"></ion-checkbox>

And this is the css

    	font-size: 1.03rem;
    	color: $blue-love;
    	max-width: 400px;
    	margin: auto;

I think you may have found a solution since you asked but I’ll just post the answer in case somebody else need it.

.item-md.item-block .item-inner, .item-ios.item-block item-inner {
      border-bottom: none;

Just add this to you scss file and the underline shouldn’t appear anymore. It’ll work for both iOS and Android.