Delay with css transforms and Scroll running on device


I’m trying to create some components for using together with Ionic2.
One of them is simulate the collapsingtoolbar from android.

I added a listener to scroll-content for modify the toolbar on scrolling.

When the app runs at browser, everything it’s ok. But when the app runs in device(android), there is a delay to apply css transforms.

The source code is here
You can test in TAB 2 > toolbar example.

Thank you.


After many tries and a lot of research I found some explanations about how the scroll events are fired on mobile.

I cutted some css transforms and I got a result that it’s ok for me now.


I tried to use your code, but is not working in ionic 2 rc4. Are you going to update Toolbar Scroll to support ionic 2 rc4?

Thank you.