Default location and name of ionic.config(.json)

I have installed ionic using “npm install -g ionic”. This produced a config file at ~/.ionic/ionic.config.

When I run “ionic resources” I always get the response “Couldn’t find ionic.config.json file. Are you in an Ionic project?”. So I copied my “ionic.config” to my project directory as “ionic.config.json” and “ionic resources” worked.

Two questions:

(1.) why is ionic not reading my config from ~/.ionic/ionic.config? Is there a way to set it to do so?
(2.) why is the name of the config file expected to be “ionic.config.json” (with .json ext) when it was created without the .json ext?

I found that if I place a stub ionic.project file in the project directory ionic will reference my config at ~/.ionic/ionic.config.

ionic.project content:

{ "name": "project", "app_id": "" }