Default list view as side nav in tablet landscape

I’ve been struggling for months now with a concept that I am hoping someone can help shed some light on.

My ionic app has a list view which is populated from a json feed, as the default landing view. Clicking on any of the items in this list displays a detailed view of the item.

I have these two views in two different controllers. The first controller gets the feed and displays it in the view, the second controller gets the details based off the id passed from the first controller.

I think this is pretty straightforward, and easy enough to implement.

In tablet, I would like to take the list view and display it as a side nav with the details view on the right.

I have tried using a second menu using ion-side-menu expose-aside-when="large", and I’ve also tried loading content into an ionic scroll-able area, with no success.

Is this possible in Ionic? And if so, does someone have an example?