Deeplinker with Modal

I’m using Ionic 2 and have some questions regarding the Deeplinker.
I have successfully connected the Deeplinker to update the url when pushing a view controller, but the url changes to # when a modal is presented.

Is there a way to update the url to a custom path when presenting a modal? If not, can I at least keep the path to what it currently is while presenting a modal?

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You can pass in a NavOptions interface to the modal.present() method. There is a property called ‘updateUrl’ that can be used to not change the URL of the page when opening a modal. Like this:

openAddPost() {
    let modal = this.modalCtrl.create(AddPostModalComponent);
        updateUrl: false

It seems like a bug that the URL is not correctly updated when opening a modal. I have defined my AddPostModalComponent in the deep linker config, but my URL also gets updated back to the root url when navigating to it.

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