Deep linking from dashboard tab into a news detail (child) page on another tab


Hello, this is my first post in the ionic forums, although I have been reading up on other peoples problems for a while now.

I am struggling with a project I am working on which uses ion-tabs. I have 4 tabs ‘Dashboard’, ‘Transactions’, ‘Profile’ and ‘News Feed’. Inside Transactions and News Feed, there are lists of payment transactions and news stories as you can probably imagine.

In each of those views you can click through to a ‘detail’ page which will show the full news story/transaction. My ‘news detail’ page is a child state of the main view (news list page).

My issue is that on the dashboard nav-view I have a ‘Latest news’ and ‘Latest transactions’ widget. The user can link straight through to a news story from the dashboard. The problem is that when the app loads and you go straight into a news story this becomes the default view within the news tab and there is no way of getting to the news list page.

Can anyone assist? I will try get a codepen up shortly