Debugging into my own library

I have a library of ionic/angular components i reuse in many apps by just "npm link"ing the library. It works fairly well, the only thing that I often want is the ability to debug into said library. Being a library, it is mostly bug free, but every once in a while we’ll find problems in the library. The following stackoverflow article discusses this:

and I can see how “ionic serve” seems to use the “serve” out of angular.json as discussed about halfway down, but adding the

      "options": {
        "sourceMap": {
          "scripts": true,
          "styles": true,
          "vendor": true

only results in

Error in the Ionic live reload server:
Error: Can’t resolve ‘./’ in ‘C:\Projects\MolallaFM.Client\node_modules@ionic-native\core_ivy_ngcc_’

Does anybody know how to do this? Otherwise, I have to temporarily copy the code that needs debuggin into my main project, change all the imports, debug, fix the problem, and then copy the fixes back into the library, change all the imports back, etc. - not huge, but a PITA nonetheless.