Debug Ionic app from start

Hi, where should I put the first breakpoint if I want to debug an ionic v3 app? what is the first line of code executed by an ionic v3 app?

Thanks for help

Hi @blondie63!

That depends on what you’re trying to debug. As a general rule, the constructor is the first code that is run on every page or component, followed by lifecycle hooks like ngOnInit if you’re using Angular. From an app perspective, that would be the constructor at AppComponent, but keep in mind that you might not be able to debug other pages from here.


Thanks, i’m trying to understand why i’ve this err:

Failed to load resource…

You can see more information about that failed request in the Network tab, including the URL. If you click on the screen:1 link at the right of the line, that will open the source that has made the request. Maybe that will give you some pointers of what is calling it.

The link under screen:1 is http://localhost:8000/screen