Debug Apk lag when using domWrite ionic 3

Does the ionic apk gotten from ionic Cordova build android --device cause lagging in ionic 3. I am working on a project and my expandable header keeps lagging on a device when I install the debug apk. The expandable header is using domWrite which I heard is the best there is but it keeps lagging and hooking in the phone bet works perfectly in my laptops webview when Dec testing

Can you elaborate on what this is and why you think it’s so great?

Actually I read about this is a blog post by Joshmorony and when developing this header I also tried using zone which as it seemed was similar to domWrite. But at the end the domWrite seemed to have a less leggy effect than when zone was used. It still lags though.

Using the DomController to perform your reads and writes to the DOM will make them more efficient (it organises the reads/writes and executes them at an appropriate time as to avoid layout thrashing) but you still need to be careful of what you are doing. The older/lower performing the device you install your application on the more care you need to take the ensure you can get 60fps while manipulating DOM elements.

I’ve tried the debug apk on both a phone with a 2gigg ram and 3gigg ram with fairly good processors and it is still lagging and messing up the gui. Really looking for a solution. Could it be because it is a debug apk?

The point I’m trying to make is that if your code isn’t optimised to do whatever it is you are trying to do, or if you are doing something that is just too performance intensive, then it is going to lag no matter whether you use the DomController or not. I doubt a debug build would be having any significant impact on the lag from DOM writes.

Using the DomController can improve performance, but it can’t fix bad performance.

Okay I’d love to try that, any referral to where I can read this?

Finally figured out a way to bypass the lag
See Here