DeadObjectException in Android


I’m not sure whether the problem resides in the latest version of Ionic Framework or Apache Cordova (thinking Cordova), but now I’ve been experiencing DeadObjectException errors in Android when trying to embed media from the internet (just one example). The causes the application to force close.

These errors are triggered with only HTML code, no JavaScript involved beyond the project base.

Has anyone else experienced exceptions like this recently? I swear, about a month ago everything was working fine.


Is it happening in a vanilla Cordova project?
What version of cordova-android are you using?

I’ll get you this information tonight when I’m at my computer.

Cool cool, feel free to shoot me an email too

Alright so here is more information:

I am using Cordova-Android 3.6.4, which I believe is the official latest. The Android OS version I’m testing on is Android 4.4.4.

I tried the embed in a vanilla Cordova project and got the same error, narrowing down the issue to Cordova and not Ionic Framework.

Any ideas where to go from here?

Hey just seeing this.
Hmm, you may want to post a detailed description on the cordova issue tracker.

Opened a ticket with Apache Cordova that you can track here: