DateTime presentation flag updates not reflected on DateTime button

Hi there,

I am using an ion-datetime-button and an ion-toggle to represent an “All Day” flag.
When the “All Day” flag is on, I want the time to be hidden on the ion-datetime-button.
When the “All Day” flag is off, I want the time to be shown on the ion-datetime-button.
Is there a recommended way to make this happen, or is the best/hacky way to hide the time button using CSS?

I have made a stackblitz to show my scenario.

Thanks for any help in advance.

I have since separated the date and time into 2 separate date-time instances to work around this issue.
I have then put a condition on the time ion-datetime-button to only be shown if the “All Day” flag is off.

However, if there is a better way to approach this please do let me know. Thanks.