DatePicker in ionic framework

Hello, I am currently owrking on App where I need to provide user to select date time. Is there any date picker control available in ionic?

You can use the native controls with an HTML5 datatype in your input:

<input type="date">

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i beleive this works for ios not android. I tried this in simulator too.

Any input on this please?

It works on Android too, but it displays the old date-picker, I’m trying to figure out how to trigger the new one.

Please let me know. I am looking for the same.

how do you handle the date format with the native picker?

Hi @mrvamsidhar, I have created both time picker and date picker for ionic frame works.
No additional dependencies like jQuery is not required. Hope this might help you. Please have a look at the below links.

ionic-timepicker demo

ionic-timepicker Bower component

ionic-datepicker demo

ionic-datepicker Bower component