Date and time not displaying for particular action

I am not getting the date for a particular action. example if I commit certain action, that particular action time and date should be display. I am posting that line code

Failed at {{ }}

this line not displaying the time and date.

I thing the job failed. :wink:
You have provided less information, to say more, as date contains nothing to display or failjob does not exist. Check this.

Best regards, anna-liebt

As I shown in the example, similarly it should work for the failed page.

Here it’s not showing the date.

The line : Applied at {{}} is working but : Failed at {{ }} is not working.

as you long you do not provide related code, it is very difficulty to help. code not screenshots.

Do not use var with ts, use let. Use var only when you really need it.
Do not use function inside, use fat arrow. This is maybe your problem.

Best regards, anna-liebt