Date and time input type

which is the the best way to use date and time in ionic.
native cordova plugin
html5 /angularjs date picker

At this time, Ionic is going with the native date / time pickers.


Very cool! Any ideas on when datetime will be implemented? If at all. Looks great though.

‘date’ input type is working fine with Android 4.2 but not with 2.3 . I am using the cordova DatePicker Plugin for Android 2.3

I have created a time picker for ionic framework which supports both 12 and 24 hour format. with 1 and 15 minutes increment / decrement.
If you find it useful for you, you can use it.

Check it here.

Choosing the text for the buttons would be cool.

And also an option to support click outside the timepicker to cancel and close.

Thanks for the suggestion.