Database in ionic

I am new to ionic framework. Please tell me what kind of database connectivity is available in ionic? Which is the recommended database for ionic?

What is it you want to store? I use angular-localforage for my app data: Very easy to use.


mostly normal string data and going to use geolocation in my app.

I think localForage should be sufficient for what you are trying to do. The nice thing is you can just set and get objects, not only strings.

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What about cloud databases? I mean, for syncing between devices and even other apps? Can it be done?

Yes, check pouchdb:

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This PouchDB really looks promising… Thanks for the info. I just need to ask a few more questions.

1 - Is this syncing method between IrisCouch and PouchDB secure? I mean, is it possible for other people to steal my data easily?

2 - Can i access the cloud database too with a .NET application and use realt-time sync between the Ionic App and the .NET?

I have heard about Firebase (it’s too expensive, at least for now…) and MongoDB, and also Meteor. I tried Mongo with AWS as a host, but it’s too complicated to set up, i don’t want to spend much time in backend stuff, as my app is kinda simple really. I just need intercomunication with a .NET application as well.

I haven’t checked all of the documentation on PouchDB yet, but from the basic stuff i saw there, i haven’t found answers to those questions. Well, thanks in advance BTW. Looks really good this database.

PouchDB is a client-side database API. It’s written in JavaScript and modeled over IndexedDB after the CouchDB API. It’s capable of synching with a CouchDB instance. So you don’t need MongoDB or Meteor. With CoudhDB and PouchDB you can sync the mobile app and the backend.

CouchDB works over the HTTP protocol, so you can easily access through one .NET application.

I’ve never worked with IrisCouch service, but I believe it is safe. Anyway, it is quite simple to set up CouchDB.


ps.: em português eu conseguiria te explicar melhor hehe

That is really cool!! E cara, não se preocupa, seu inglês tá muito bom :wink: