Data from service published with observables only displays once on app start

Here’s a plunker showing the issue with the least amount of code possible:
In my actual app, the service is fetching data from firebase. When the app first loads, the home wscreen should display a list, Then use the menu to navigate to the ‘List’ item, then navigate back to home. In the plunker, at least the cards display but are empty. In the actual app, nothing happens when navigating back to home. The data IS being fetched, and the props array is properly populated with data, but nothing is displayed, not even empty cards.

In the actual app, I have also tried wrapping the service in a, nothing changes.

Well, I’m not currently able to replicate it in the plunkr, I just had a bug in my stripped down implementation. I’m trying to modify the plunker to demostrate the issue I’m having locally, which is when I return from a list page to the home page, the getProps function runs again properly, and the props array has data, but the ngFor doesn’t re-run in the home.html, so nothing is displayed. It’s as if the change detection isn’t detecting the fact that the object has changed, even when I run inside a zone,

If you’re manually dealing with zones or change detection in a situation such as you describe, something is fundamentally broken. You should not need to be worrying about any of that.