Data available on launch


I don’t know if this is typical hybrid app behaviour but is it possible to have data loaded on app launch? At the moment when my app launches it takes couple of seconds (4-5) to load a very small API from the internet… On several native apps, when I download them from the store and launch them, the latest data is already available.

It puts me of that I have to wait couple of seconds before my data is loaded and I’m sure other users will find this annoying too.

Note: On revisit it will use data from local storage so it’s faster but I want the RESt request to be faster on first visit, or even on updating the data…

Hope I made myself clear, thanks


Its normal, as your app will have to fetch data from the api, you can show something like a welcome message on first open, or introduction about the app, meanwhile you can load the api’s data in background and then show it to user after that. I hope this will work.

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That’s indeed an option I could go for, thanks

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