"data" argument supports only following data types: Object

I’m using the cordova advanced-http plugin. Posted this problem as an issue on github

Can somebody take a look at it and tell me what I’m missing? I followed what the documentation said and still got an error.

Direct link to docs?

nvm managed to solve this problem. It only accepts Objects, so I just removed JSON.stringify. I’ve got a new problem now:

In my server, one argument is getting logged as a none-type, which is pid, and I get it through

var pubid = localStorage.getItem('public_id');

data: { nameP: prisoner, vDate: this.visitDate, numV: this.visitCount, timeV: this.visitTime, relation: this.visitRelation, pid: pubid }

In my web app, it works fine and this variable is sent to my server. I’ve tried logging it to console but pubid is present. But during the request, it mysteriously disappears. Any idea why? Could this be a bug?