Darshan Hiranandani : What are some alternatives to PhoneGap Build that offer similar functionalities?

Hi. I’m Darshan Hiranandani, currently exploring alternatives to PhoneGap Build that offer similar functionalities. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with other platforms that could fit our needs? Any insights, suggestions, or personal experiences you could share would be incredibly helpful in making an informed decision.

Considering that you are on the Ionic/Capacitor Forums, Appflow: The Easiest Way to Build and Deploy Apps | Ionic.io :grin:

Here is a migration guide - Migrating from PhoneGap Build to Ionic Appflow - Appflow

This is an old article but mentions some other alternatives too - PhoneGap Build is Dead. Here are some alternatives. | AppPresser

P.S. I am just a happy user of Ionic/Capacitor.