Customized Views

Hey I was wondering if someone could show me a quick example of how I could print a specific item’s title after I click on their specific link.

In my mainPage I have

<ion-view view-title="main">
            <ion-item ng-repeat="page in sidePages" href="#/abstractMain/mainPage/{{}}">

Each item is linked to my Page view

<ion-view view-title="Page">

and my controller for sidePages is

app.controller('pageCtrl', function($scope){
  $scope.sidePages = [
    { title: 'name 1', id: 1 },
    { title: 'name 2', id: 2 },
    { title: 'name 3', id: 3 },
    { title: 'name 4', id: 4 },
    { title: 'name 5', id: 5 },
    { title: 'name 6', id: 6 }

I guess to be more specific I’m asking how to show each sidePages title when you click to their page because right now they all just print “Hello.”