Customized header with swipe animation?


I am evaluating Ionic for my next app project and have some questions that I would like to clarify before giving to it (I have never developed an hybrid app before). Here I post my first question.

I am planning to add a custom header to the top of the app. It will feature three numbers. The middle one will be today’s day of month (I.e. “Sat, 2”) with big letters. Left to it, yesterday’s date but with a smaller font. Finally, on the right, tomorrow’s date also on smaller font. I don’t know if this is possible and if so,where to start with the framework. Additionally, I would like to swipe this header right and left to move between days… How can I do this (ideally with a smooth animation).

Sorry if these questions are to general… But this is my first attempt to use Ionic and, after reading docs and due to my lack of web dev experience, I am quite lost.

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance,