Customize feature set during build

Is it possible with the Ionic 3 build process to customize the feature set that will be contained in the produced app?

Let’s say I have ONE source base with the components PageA, PageB, PageC and PageD. I want to build two different apps from this source base. App 1 should contain PageA, PageB and PageC and app 2 should the features PageB, PageC and PageD.

Can this be done with the Ionic build scripts?

Not right out of the box, I don’t think so. You could perhaps use a customizing hook to swap out app.component.ts and/or app.module.ts, but I’m not sure if there is anything that fires that early.

I have not tried with Ionic, but I have done similar things before with good old batch scripts. Just replace config files between subsequent builds by copying and replacing with command line commands.

That was my idea, too. But I hoped there would be a more elegant way :slight_smile: