Custom Themes - iOS, Android & Windows 8

So i’m debating whether or not to start building out some custom themes for ionic but I’ve heard mixed things about customizing the Scss. Does anyone have experience with customizing the scss to make everything look more like a native app (iOS, android, windows)?

I ask because I’m considering forking chocolatechip-ui (or something else) to ionic.

Hmm, if you need to make a custom a theme, I do have gist set up to help the process

As far as making a theme for WP8, just know we don’t really support it. So you’re best off staying with android and ios

Cool thanks.
I’m diving into the scss files right now.

These example will give you more of an idea of what I’m working on.

iOS 6:

iOS 7:

(in actual code see: as reference)

So far I got around to testing the basic buttons on the sliderbox tutorial example but there are some issues with the button not being clickable.