Custom html/link in a actionsheet button


I need to put a link inside a action sheet button. I cannot open a download link programmatically because it will throw the opening a popup/other window, which will compromise the user experince.

How could I add a link inside a button of a action sheet?


You can use some html, but putting a download link tag is not wise.
You’re best bet is to do this programmatically.
If you’re downloading something, you’ll most likely need to use a cordova plugin.


What I’m doing is a little bit complicated but is a project requirement and I cannot change it.

When the user clicks a button the system makes a http request to the backend. The backend then returns a temporary link. As a temporary link It must be open in something new so the user clicks and open the link in something like a Action Sheet or Modal.

I need to generate a link dinamically and cannot open this link via popup because most of the user will not see the popup or because the browser will block it. Open programmatically will open it in a popup.

How could I put html inside this button by using the Action Sheet api in my PWA?


As I said, you can put some html already in there, but I strongly suggest you handle this programmatically instead.