Custom event for IonTab


  • . I have four views in my app which I navigate to using four IonTabs.

  • . I would like to have a fifth IonTab which will show the user a popup to add content based on the currently open view instead of navigating to a new view to add content.

  • . So I need to prevent an IonTab from performing it’s default action of navigation and instead perform an action which will cause a popup to show up in the currently open view.

Example: ( the plus button in the center is to show the overlay on the currently open view )


Thank you.

Go to the final or the fifth tab names popup tab. Click on that you will see a popup without the state being changed.

Hi Siddharatha,

This is exactly what I was looking for. Did not know that ng-click could override the directive’s own click event. Thanks a lot.

Welcome. Glad I was able to help you. Your app looks very pretty though. Hope to see it soon live on the play and app stores.