CSS Utilities don't work in pages

Hi to everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve started a Pwa Ionic + Stencil toolkit project

And I’ve the Ionic css utils in my app.css

/** Optional CSS utils that can be commented out */
@import "~@ionic/core/css/padding.css";
@import "~@ionic/core/css/float-elements.css";
@import "~@ionic/core/css/text-alignment.css";
@import "~@ionic/core/css/text-transformation.css";
@import "~@ionic/core/css/flex-utils.css";
@import "~@ionic/core/css/display.css";

If I use the css utils classes like .ion-text-justify inside a page of my pwa, the util don’t work unless I unclude the optionals @imports inside my page css.

I don’t understand why I have this problem because I include in the app.css under /global

Thank you for the help

Please help me :frowning: I’m still stuck