Css images wont load in android emulator

I suppose its not a complex issue but when testing using ionic serve all images (src and css) loads fine when using android emulator they don’t load

i have three images all are located in the www/img
one is logo
img src=“img/logo.png” - its working fine

other two are referenced from css
i tried several variations none is working here is the code
background: url(./img/fondo-delaware.svg) no-repeat center center fixed;
background: url(/img/bg-cloud.png) no-repeat center center fixed;

I’ve read threads about two dots, one dot but none is working

also while at it anyway to debug im using genymotion
*p.s using adb logcat shows only generic chromium error


Turns out the problem is with SVG files…
if i put a reference to PNG file it shows
but im trying to use SVG image as background and it doesnt show…

Android 4.3 and 4.1 only have partial support for svg images, so they aren’t guaranteed to work. You may want to consider using pngs or checking out crosswalk.