CSS for AngularJS Components

Set background-color of header in view.

This does not seem so straight forward, as in the view template all there is, is a <ion-view title=“Clients”> tag, which implies that we must use predefined styles and attributes, but even if so I do not see where these are defined. I do see the CSS Header classes, but I see nothing for the component styling for AngularJS.

All of the ionic styling is done with the css classes which are applied to directives.

What are you wanting to change the colour on?

I want to know how to style everything. I see directives for everything, but it is not clear when the view directive includes the header (with has-header) how to set the background color for the view, and different background color for a header bar.

Here I have a view, with the title as Clients:
<ion-view title=“Clients”>
I want to set the background color of the title bar, and the background color of the view. This is not clear because there is not header here. This template should look different from the other templates, so I don’t want to set the header and content backgrounds globally.

How can I style and customize the header bar in this instance?